Thursday, July 16, 2009

Unboxing: 13-inch Unibody MacBook Pro (Mid-2009) Part 1

I've always been wanting to replace my ancient PC which I got when I was 11 (I'm 18 now, you do the math).
I decided to choose a Mac after I've learned about Apple after I bought my iPod Touch.
At first I wanted the iMac because it looks so sleek, and undoubtedly fast.
But when Apple upgraded the 13" Unibody MacBook giving it the Pro status, I know I want it coz its beautiful, fast and portable.
Its more portable compared to the 15" but still has the POWER.
So skipping my frustrating shopping experience (there's no Apple Retail Store here and I've got no choice but to buy from overpriced Apple Resellers who always doesn't have stocks), I finally got it!
My new 13-inch MacBook Pro! Its sexy! Purrrr..

Check out Part II of this post to see the MacBook Pro in detail.

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